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July 9, 2010

Cav's butthurt over James' decision to flee Cleveland

Lebron James' announcement to switch to the Miami Heat has everyone who gives a flip about basketball (is it?) in a huge tizzy. Cincinnati is upset while in Miami there were reports of rioting, looting and dancing in the streets- just another normal day in Miami until they heard about the James decision.

The full range of emotions can be found on Yahoo! Sports, the pinnacle of in-depth decisive sports reporting. The main story revolves around the owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert, in this riveting headline:  'Cleveland fans don't deserve this cowardly betrayal'

Evidently, Dan was so pissed at the decision that he decided to write an open Internet letter to the fans of the Cavs. It is derogation at its finest and really makes Gilbert look like a whiny ass.

Thank you Lebron, Gilbert, Cincinnati, Miami and the 5110+ losers who flooded the Yahoo comments section about this story for again solidifying the fact that professional sports obsession is indeed unhealthy.

It's just a game.

Lebron showing Cavalier fans how to cope with their loss:

It worked:

It just keeps getting better. Sports writers covering a story like this should move on and write for soap operas.
Easy come, easy go for King James

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  1. They're trying to get people who are uninterested in round-ball also wound up in in a tizzy - screw that.
    Gilbert - of Gilbert & Sullivan indeed.