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July 9, 2010

CBS Poll lets you rate the President

I found this link in my Inbox and decided to see what kind of smokescreen CBS's blog Political Hotseat was throwing down. The poll asks you to grade Obama, from an A to an F, in 10 different categories with the last category an overall grade for the President.

Here are the issues:

The Economy
Foreign Policy
Health Care
Threat of Terrorism
Energy and the Environment
Social Issues
Obama's Overall Job as President

Seems pretty straight forward although I am not sure why the separation between Afghanistan and Iraq. I would have liked to see "Gulf Oil Crisis" in there somewhere but for a meaningless poll it pretty much covers the gamut.

For all you Obama haters and nut swingers, you can refresh the page and fill out the poll as many times as you like but I did not notice the percentages change when I filled it out a second time to see if CBS put a limit on the voting. I could totally picture an Obama hater staying up all night and giving an  "F" in all categories and the same with the supporters.

I wont spoil the results for you but if you are on the opposite of the grading results you will no doubt dismiss this poll as an attempt to piss you off and you will go to another site to complain about the results and smother yourself in like-mindedness jibba jabba. As well you should. Remember, this is a CBS poll.

 Click Here for the link to the poll.

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