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October 10, 2010

Danica K. fumbles on the 1 yard line. No time-outs, 00:00 on the clock

I watched the trials and part of the Fontana Race yesterday. It was in southern California and the trials were, well, trials. When Danica Patrick, returning to NASCAR after moonlighting on the IndyCar circuit for a while, finished in the mid 30's everyone was swinging off her jock.

Patrick is not the first female NASCAR driver but it seems to me that she has been thrust into the forefront because of some semi sex appeal qualities. The local afternoon radio DJ's talk nonstop about her, but frankly, I don't see what the big deal is- unless she is using her looks to cover up her hideous racing record.  Case and point, the race yesterday where she qualified 13th, beating out 30 scrubs who should be embarrassed they were beaten by a girl. Not too bad, but then she blew it with only 9 laps to go.

Her loss falls into the category of "Rubbing is racing" and her crash is what I call getting "Dale Earnhardted". She wasn't paying attention and gave a little bump to James Buescher, who then Dale Earnharted her ass into a spin out, costing her a finish. Of course Buescher denied an intentional bump but Patrick did everything but call him out on it. 

Again, I don't see the big deal with Patrick. No NASCAR wins, no top tens, no poles. I find it interesting that she has more speeding tickets than wins. Here is a video of the crash, similar to the her first NASCAR crash in her very first NASCAR race. Of course the femi-Nazi's say it was intentional because the (predominantly male) sport just doesn't want to see a woman place- contrary to the ad campaign for Patrick. I call bullshit; if you can't play with the big boys then get off the track.

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