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May 21, 2011

Supposed day of judgement came and went today.

May 21, at around 6 pm local time, was the predicted and calculated day of judgement by Harold Camping. I have friends in Australia, where it is well past 6 pm, and they are fine. No earthquakes, no bodies rising from their graves, no Rapture. Bummer, Harold. Disturbing that a site dedicated to saving people's souls and preaching the end wouldn't update its doomsday timer for 8 days previous to the event.

There were a lot of these rolling billboards and there was even a static billboard on the highway close to where I live. I wonder how long it will stay up.

I started listening to Camping on Family Radio on my way home from work about 5 weeks ago. I had just bought a used car and was tuning the radio stations on the AM side looking for some political talk shows when I stopped to listen to a segment where a caller was asking for verification for the date of Judgement Day. I am always interested in the predictions of Judgement since the Bible says No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. (Mat 24:36 NIV). Camping conveniently dismisses this verse as it is extremely damaging to his case. It is the antithesis of Obama not believing his health care plan is damaging to us.

I was even more interested to learn how he came up with the date- a lot of math, a lot of assumptions. The Wikipedia write up talks about all of this and the Family Radio website gets into more detail. It (obviously) boiled down to nothing more than reading tea leaves or chicken bones and clearly he got it wrong- again. In 1994 he said there was a very high likelihood that the world would end back in 1994. When questioned on his his radio show he quickly dismisses it as people trying to discredit him and telling lies about his teachings. Last week someone called in and said a YouTube video of Camping teaching the 1994 date was readily available and can show Camping himself giving the September 1994 prediction. "Well you can't believe everything you watch on the Internet" was Camping's reply. The caller got one more question in before he was cut off, "Then why should we believe what you are saying now since your website says May 21?"

Boom, roasted.

Christ told his people back in the day that false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect (Mat. 24:24). How many times must you make a prediction that didn't come true before you are labeled as one?

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