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September 2, 2011

August bleakest month yet for jobless

Youch- 14 million Americans out of work with about 40% jobless for 6 months or more for the month of August.  To make matters worse, there was no increase in jobs for August - at all - and we remain stagnant at 9.1%. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

The Times reported a few factors that contributed to this depressingly bleak outlook of the (once) great financially secure nation of the United States. Of course the debt ceiling debacle made the top of the list. Who can blame employers for cutting back hours and trimming the fat when there was so much at steak stake? Thank you, elected officials, for screwing us (again) without the common courtesy of flowers and chocolate. I have made up my mind; in 2012 I will not be voting for ANY incumbent on that ticket. Not a one. So bring it on crazy third party fruitcakes! Let's see what you got.

Obama has his work cut out for him next week as he addresses a war-worn, economically depressed, record high levels of government assistance people of this nation. He should have a epic plan, the likes this country desperately needs, since he has had plenty of time to relax on the golf course (hitting 75 rounds the end of June).  I haven't seen much of our president, which is probably a good thing is he want to keep his ratings from ending up in the toilet. Scratch that, at least keep it floating in the toilet. No, really- the less he is around, the better his ratings get.

Unfortunately, the initial date of his address on September 7th shows just how little he cares this country- another petty thumb-to-nose bipartisan display proving, once again, that he is not good for this country. What is so special about 9/7? It just so happens to be on the same day the GOP debates are scheduled.

So why would the Obama administration schedule an important speech on a night when many people would be tuning into the GOP debates to see just who this Rick Perry guy is? My guess is because he is going to unveil another thinly veiled plan to get people back to work. My apologies, a thinly veiled "jobs plan" since all the stimulus plans have bombed like a Kardashian admission of previous nuptials. Interesting parallel, both Obama and Humphries have no idea what is going on.

I especially dislike news reports stating how well the economy is improving based on one study for one month. For example, consumer spending was up significantly in July and both the Obama administration and the media touted this rise as proof the economy was in fact improving. Considering millions of kids were going back to school in July and August, and they needed new clothes and school supplies, the increase in consumer spending is no surprise and no indication things are getting better.

What's next, a prediction that the economy will get even better because consumer spending will increase in November and December, with spending curiously ending on December 25th?

Start socking away your money and buying up gold. I suspect things will get much worse before they get better. Seriously, the only thing left for this country is a zombie invasion.

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