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September 11, 2011

Remember the real September 11

I will not be watching September 11th stories today- in fact, I have never and I never will never call this day 9-11.  Pearl Harbor Day is not called 12-7 and I will not discredit the bravery of the American military with a catchy abbreviation. In my opinion, it is the equivalent of the internet and texting shorthand and it does not make me LOL.

 I will not be scouring online news sources for remembrance stories. I will not be writing an emotionally charged blog entry filled with images of that day. For some Americans, the true patriots, September 11 will be a time of horror, disbelief and anger- something that we do not need to be reminded of. Montages of people taking stock of their life, as they watch the inferno of the Towers above quickly rush away, is not what this day is about.

Some Americans think this day is about the lies of the President as we invaded Iraq and started a war to bring an insane, cruel and evil man to justice. The mismanagement of the war, the billions of dollars spent in the Middle East and the ensuing divisiveness of this country is not what September 11th is about.

I would rather listen to the sounds of freedom from the airshow jets flying over my house today than another special report or story- but not because the subject matter is unworthy. Children of 9/11 (ugh, even People magazine couldn't get it right) will be heart wrenching for sure. There should be more stories about the firefighters and first responders who are now suffering severe health problems in which their own governemnt had to be shamed into providing relief- who then renigged.

For me, September 11 is about the heroes of that day, the people who put themselves in grave and immenent danger to save the lives of strangers. On call and off duty firefighters and policemen, extraordinary civilians who elevated duty above all, who put away the prevailing selfishness of this day and helped their fellow man is what this day should be about. The men and women of our armed forces are a credit to this nation and they were instrumental in bringing our enemies to justice and for making this country a safer place to live.

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