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December 29, 2006

Ding Dong Saddam is dead!

Can someone tell me where to send Cindy Sheehan and Koffi Anon sympathy cards? I'm sure they are devastated. On second thought, I'll just send the cards to Hell; they can pick them up later. And tonight starts the eternal pineapple-ass-reaming as Saddam enters through the gates of Hell- Abandon all hope, asshole.

I only wish our justice system doled out sentence this quickly.

Good old fashioned hanging

Here is a reenactment of Saddam's execution. For those of you feint of heart, suck it up.


  1. We're staying up WAY later than usual, just to see the video and still pictures on FOX! I'm glad Saddam chose not to wear a hood, so we can see his face -

    Your reenactment was very good - but I think his head needs to be cocked just a touch to the right -