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December 14, 2006

Hanging in the balance

Not many people have heard of South Dakota’s Governor, Mike Rounds, but he could soon be one of the most important people of the post mid-term Democratic sweep of the both the Senate and the House.

Including the two Independents who are working the Democratic mooring lines around the cleats, the Democrats enjoy just a 51-49 margin of power in the Senate; certainly not the sweeping blowout they would have you believe judging by their actions the day after election day. But, like in a company who’s CEO owns 51% of the stock, that’s all the Dems need to keep the GOP in limbo. The Senator from South Dakota, Tim Johnson(D), suffered a stroke yesterday during an interview and had to undergo emergency brain surgery. What does this have to do with Governor Mike Rounds? Let’s have a little civics lesson.

If a senator cannot fulfill his term then it is up to the Governor of the state to which the senator was elected to fill the slot with someone of his/her choosing. So, if the Governor is Republican he will, more than likely, choose a replacement of his own party. Makes sense, right? If Governor Rounds selects a Republican senator the majority will be lost and the Democrats will be on an even-steven playing field with the republicans. So, during a tie in the Senate, who casts the tie-breaking vote? The Vice President, of course. So tricky Dick (sorry, Nixon) could have a no shit civic duty to perform involving shooting down a Democrat pushed bill instead of shooting someone in the face with a shotgun. Neato!

Don’t get me wrong. I am not waiting for Senator Johnson to croak so that my party can get into the Senate and I hope he pulls through. But I don’t think for one nanosecond that the Dems wouldn’t take the same opportunity to capitalize if the tables were turned. To sum up this situation, I turn to my favorite online RPG- World of Warcraft (WoW).

The Republicans represent the Alliance and the Democrats represent the Horde. The Horde run in packs and will take every opportunity to gank an Alliance who is by himself. When the same opportunity falls into the Alliance hands we take it but then it is the Horde who bitches about it. Pot calling the kettle black classico. The situation with Senator Johnson would play out like this if it was a WoW scenario except that it would be a one on one gank, this time in favor of the Alliance. Still with me?

Geeky scenario aside, the GOP should take full advantage of this opportunity and level the playing field because you know damn well the Dems would do it. In fact, they did when a Minnesota senator and his family were killed in a plane crash. Admittedly, the circumstances are different- there was not such a narrow margin of control- but, to me, that is irrelevant.


  1. I hope he's OK.

    Unlike Dems who were more than exited at the thought of Fox News employees being held hostage by terrorists.