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March 19, 2007

4 years later

It has been 4 years since we watched the cameras decend on Baghdad. I clearly remember the green night vision surveying the skyline of the capitol city, anxiously awaiting the first bomb. The country was optomistic, united, and I'm sure that even Cindy Sheehan was rooting for her son, whom she barely talks about anymore, to kill as many terrorists as he could. Party lines were rechalked in 2001 as Congress held hands, sang, and prayed for the victims of Sepetember 11.

Then the bombs fell.

It wasn't long before Youtube was getting thousands of hits from people wanting to see our boys doling out the retribution. Although the war was now being faught on two fronts, the other including Afghanistan, we remained optomistic. But it didn't last. Soon the far left dropping bombs here in the U.S. The lines were redrawn but this time they were drawn in blood and the country became diametrically opposed.

Our war in Iraq is illegal.
How so? How many more resolutions should Saddam have broken? 20? 30?

The war is the just a big lie to further the profits of Cheney via Halliburton.
Prove it. /yawn

WMD's were just a lie.
Tell that to the U.N. inspectors that were not allowed access to many facilities, except for the dummy, sanitized facilities Saddam escorted them to. Tell that to the Kamel brothers, Saddam's brothers-in-law. Tell that to the inspectors who are still trying to account for weaponry Iraq addmitted it had after the Kamel defection. I'll never forget the WMD's we did find but that made the Democrats and moonbats resort to the Jedi mind trick- "Those aren't the WMD's you're looking for."

There was no connection with Iraq and September 11. We should not have invaded Iraq.
Nobody said there was a connection other than Saddam was harboring terrorists. Saddam only killed his own people; it was none of our business?

I heard someone say today on talk radio that we have spent billions of dollars on this war and have only hanged one person. Yeah, what's your point? Does this person feel the same way about WWII- "... all we did was get Japan to surrender and Hitler dead."

I am not above giving this administration, however, the lumps it deserves. Mistakes have been made and there have been some criminally negligent activities. But I am still waiting for the the Democratically controlled government to do something about it. They can't even rally enough votes among themselves to get anything substantial passed. They better step it up by November 2008. It looks like both sides have yet to take this war seriously when you see all the shenangians on television that have nothing to do with winning the war. For example, the latest 'WTF is Bush thinking?' deals with immigration, a topic most of the U.S. wants stricter controls over. He is concerned with Mexico's economy and interests. WTF, man. Get concerned about ours and pass a freakin immigration reform bill that means something. Why do we give a shit about the corrupt Mexican governemnt and their interests?

There really isn't much left to do except wait for the military to finally gt the go ahead and come home. But that seems like a distant homecoming since even Billary has stated that the U.S. will have a permanent presence in Iraq.

I'm going home to play WoW. It seems so much easier to kill orcs and undead than to deal with this shit.