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March 22, 2007

Sins of the father

It is distressing that my street isn't the only one with jackass speeders on it. Normally, I don't give a second glance at the racers who wrap their vehicles around telephone poles, killing themselves in the process.

Yesterday one such jackass killed himself as he was driving on Kamehameha Road, slamming sideways into a pole and disintigrating his car in the process. Police estimated Patrick Davis' speed between 80-100 mph. The speed limit is 35 on that stretch of road.

Unfortunately, this retard didn't just kill himself- or even another unsuspecting motorist. He killed his 9-month old son, Kingston, who was found dead at the scene still strapped in his car seat but ejected from the vehicle. As a matter of fact, there wasn't much left of the car and debris was found 50 YARDS away from the crash site.

I have a hard time with this accident because I see the potential for this type of thing to happen everyday as I watch the locals race around my streets. Forgive me if my sterotypes become too harsh.

Patrick Davis was 28 (police reported him as 22) years old and was driving an Acura. Twenty-eight is still pretty young and the small Acura's and Honda's are the P.O.S. of choice for the kids who have rented Fast & the Furious just one too many tiimes.

Little Kingston's mother and father weren't married. No big deal, however I make this point because it is common in Hawaii across all social casts but moreso with the lower class. A quote from Richard Davis leads me to believe they were uneducated:
Right there my heart wen drop and I wanted to fall. The cops was holding me.
Perhaps I may be pushing the limits here but I see so many similarities between this jackass who killed his son and the locals who get into trouble around here. If you doubt any of this then please look at other posts where I highlight the behavior of these miscreants.

Maybe I'm being too harsh with Patrick Davis. But then I look at his son and although maybe Kingston would have ended up in a dead end life like his father, he would never get that chance. Maybe Kingston and his father could have grown up and beaten the shit out of an Army man and his wife while their 3-year old watched.

If you haven't heard of this fender bender gone awry then let me sum it up as another example of a local father who's warped and intellectually obtuse brain got him into trouble. He and his son beat a man and his wife unconscious in a parkling lot after the couple hit the local's car. The son jumped out and yelled "Fucking haoule" which prompted the case to be tried as a hate crime. Unfortunately, Hawaii's hate crime laws, much like everything else, are written to loosely. A judge ruled that it was the accident, not race, that prompted the slur. It isn't against the law to yell a racial slur (unless you're white).

FYI, hauole = honkey.
(pronounced how-lee)

Gerald Pa'akaula appeared before a judge today and plead not guilty to two felony assault charges. His son's case when to jevunile court. (Juvy court = slap on the wrist). Not guilty? How does he plan to win that case, by using the Jedi mind trick?

I'm not implying that the locals here in Hawaii are stupid anymore than I am implying that the people in Arkansas where I grew up are a bunch of white trash rednecks. Every race has it's assholes who put a stain on the rest of the humans who inhabit this little blue planet. But for crying out loud, do the stereotypes have to fit so well? I look at this guy and the first thing that comes to mind is 'punk'. I know, I know, don't judge a book by its cover. Again, I think I am just too pissed off to think rationally- much like the mother who has lost her infant son and her bonehead boyfriend.


  1. What a stupid punk dickhead - his one and only chance to best Darwin was in the seat beside him...

  2. Nobody learns here. I guess it might be the same everywhere. Big roadside memorials go up to memorialize sons, daughters, families who perished in accidents but after a while it seems the lessons are forgotten. Heck, pedestrian fatalities have been the focus of news stories, TV commercials, a new state law, but it isn't getting any better. I've lived here for all my thirty-odd years and things only appear to get worse as this place gets more urban. Or maybe I'm just paying more attention as I get older.

  3. Here in CA it's against the law to put up memorials, big or little - people do anyhow but usually they're small, and they get taken down by the sweepers and CalTrans road-pickers on commuhnity-service (drunk drivers, ironically).
    I saw a lot more of the roadside memorials in Guatemala and Mexico and I'm lead to think it's a cultural artifact, coming from a tradition where Fate and Destiny have a hold over other aspects, like Awareness, Driving Skill, and Safety - not Angels and Luck.
    OTOH, youngsters (including this dude who dresses like an eight-year old) with a low threshold of impulse-control exhibit the highest among the group of probable accident fatalities. That's why High-School age boys have the highest insurance rates; they just spazz and do the wrong thing almost helplessly, especially if there's no component or training in self-discipline at that stage. Given the tempests of Puberty and beyond, they're like slaves to their emotional chemistry which is on a flood-tide...

  4. Road side memorials are big here too, probably a cultural thing. Another oddity out here is to memorialize the dead by giving them space on the rear window of your vehicle. I just wouldn't want to be reminded of a loved ones death every time I got in my truck.

    There are a lot of cross walk commercials on the radio and on television here also. Sadly, Hawaii has one of the highest mortality rates in between the lines of most states. A lot of good the advertising costs do... I see people walking behind the buses as they get off in front of my apt. building all the time. It is just a matter of time before they become a statistic.

  5. I wonder if it's a result of islanders embracing the whole nativist, anti-enlightenment, Natural Man mantle - as it opposes reason and individual responsibility for the primitivist group-responsibility ("it takes a village" - hello?) where a person's actions are caused and arise from the actions of others, and not from the Self.
    Anyhow that's just me rambling and overlaying muddled thoughts.