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April 25, 2007

Hillary's Identity Crisis

I recall a memory from my first boat when I watched a white guy desperately trying to fit in with 4 black guys that were shooting the breeze in the torpedo room. The black guys were laughing at something and this kid was saying, over and over, "I dih-int say nuh-in" until someone acknowledged his remark- which never happened. It was one of those moments when I wondered if that kid knew how ridiculous he sounded and just how much of his self esteem could be found in the middle level head shitter.

On a similar parallel, I think Hillary Clinton is just as ridiculous. She has been so desperately trying to capture the black vote that it is difficult to know what mask she will be wearing from one photo op to the next. Does she think by forcing a shallow and artificial southern drawl that she is connecting with her audience? I am constantly amazed at her ambitious attempt to get the party nomination no matter what the costs. Then again, she learned from the best.

The incident I am referring to happened last week when she made this comment:
"We have ta reform our government. The abuses that have gone on in the last six years — I don’ think we know the half of it yet. You know, when I walk into the Oval Office in January of 2009, I’m afraid I’m gonna lift up the rug and I’m goin’ to see so much stuff uh-nder thar … You know, what is it about us always havin’ to clean up after people? … But this is not just going to be pickin’ up socks off the floor. This is going to be cleanin’ up the government."
What? She has the audacity to mention the potential dirt under Bush's rug when it had to be steam cleaned on a weekly basis when Bill was in office? You cannot grasp the full measure of the ridiculousness of her quote unless you actually hear her say it. It sounds like a really bad impression of David Letterman impersonating Carrot Top impersonating Oprah.

And Al Sharpton and his shadow, Jesse Jackson, are all smiles. Not a word. Could you imagine their outrage if John McCain broke out into some Chris Rock stand up? It would make the bullying of Imus look like a middle school atomic wedgie. We already had our first black president and he hit his 2-term limit in 2000.

Michelle Malkin has a good summary of how this last stunt of Hillary's will probably add to her political demise. This latest social faux pas will be just one more nail in her coffin. Michelle calls it "strike three" and sums up Hillary's first two swings here.

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  1. she believe we (the American people) are stupid. unfortunately for her, we're not as dumb as she sounds during one of her southern reawakenings.