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July 3, 2007

Hey pot, you're black!

From Times Online:
President Bush today fuelled anger over his decision to spare Lewis “Scooter” Libby from jail by hinting that he could yet issue a full pardon for the ex-White House aide.
Who's angry? Mostly the Democrats. Because it is Bush.

How many people has Bush pardoned during his presidency as compared to his predecessor? He set a50-year record low
for pardons in Texas, granting only 19, including six convicts who proved their innocence.

As president, he's granted just 113 in just over six years — the stingiest record among the 11 presidents since the end of World War II.
If you will recall, Clinton pardoned 117 people on his LAST day as President. Here is the list of all 400 people who Clinton pardoned, under far more nefarious circumstances than Libby might get, just to put things in perspective. I wonder if we can look forward to more of these schenanigans if Hillary survives the polls.

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