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July 2, 2007

This is al-Qaeda

Michael Yon is a 41 year old ex Green Beret who travels with the troops in Iraq. His stories lend incredible insight into the war on terror and the enemies true face- the face that you will not see on main stream media outlets or hear about from terrorist apologists. I have bookmarked Yon's site and read it everyday.

The following piece is his latest dispatch as he rode with the 5th division to an abandoned Iraqi village. It is very disturbing and Yon's narrative will put a knot in your stomach. He tells of a village that was brutalized by al-Qaeda. This is the true face of our enemy- the enemy of freedom, the enemy of life.

Bless the Beasts and the Children


  1. That too is "Sharia Law"... These bloodthirsty thugs are inhuman and should be treated like rabid vermin.

  2. I am always reminded by the MSM that these types of Islamics are extremists and in the minority- although if only 10% are extremists that still leaves 10 million of them who wish to do us harm.

    But what exactly is keeping the rest of the Muslims in check from not following the commandments of Allah, who clearly states infidels must be killed or become slaves? While they may not be violent what is stopping their children from following the word of the Koran to the letter?

    My tolerance for Islam is really starting to fade.