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July 5, 2007

Office email

Email is the lifeblood of my organization and contributes to both its success and its detriment. The basic command of the Engish language is something I take for granted especially after having this blog for so long and really having to pay attention to how I write. Posting on other blogs is also a challenge because I don't want to come off as an illiterate ass.

Here is a recent email from someone at my command. She is civilian, local, and, unfortunately, contributes to the negative stereotype that locals are stupid.

Hello all,

I have officially move office. I now in room 109 Supply Office. I can be reach at xxx-xxxx temporarily until my number is move. Thanks.

(name and number changed to protect the innocent)


  1. I can understand this coming from someone who never went to or didn't do very well in school, but I'm hoping this person wasn't in engineering or any other white-collar role here. But then again, as an engineer, I've heard that we're anti-social and somewhat illiterate too so I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised ;).

  2. Oh geeze, I was involved in a few hiring decisions/processes and man, it really is hard to find good help these days at any level...