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October 12, 2007

First CA DMV experience

Today was quite a day as I had my first encounter with the CA DMV. As a matter of policy, all newly registered out of state vehicles must have an inspection to verify the VIN. So, in the 50 degree rainy weather, I drove my bike (spoiled by Hawaii weather) about 20 miles to the local DMV. I have to say that despite the rain, this was the most comfortable ride I have had in a long time. I didn't get cutoff once- something that would infuriate me on Hawaii roads.

I was surprised at the efficiency of this DMV, perhaps a fluke of nature, but my time was extended becasue the first inspector (key word, 'first') neglected to write down my engine number even though I pointed it out to her. In her defense, we were chit chatting a bit about the meaning of the word dork and how she thought it to mean the penis of a whale. SHe apologized for the comment after she said it but I told her I was an ex-submariner and that her comment was hardly worth apologize for.

However she did jack up my inspection so I had to wait for another guy to do it. I had to move my bike twice because of the rain and I was getting annoyed at the fact that I had to bring my title so that the State of CA can issue me a new title with their state info on it. WTF.

A few people asked me for my smog check but I informed them that motorcycles are exempt. I was starting to get worried but after about 2 hours (and that was WITH an appointment) I walked out with my new tags and license plate. Not too bad I suppose- a hell of a lot better than an initial registration at HI DMV.

One interesting comment the first woman made after inspecting my bike took me by surprise. I made the comment about having the bike inspected before I came out here so that it would still be legal but then she informed me that after 20 days all vehicles must be tagged regardless of the out of state tag. This is in direct conflict with what my wife told me and after I told the inspector I might finally have a one-up on my wife, she told me to forget trying to slam my wife, just tell her she has to swallow tonight.

A little unprofessional perhaps, but I assume she just felt comfortable around this old sailor and let it slip. I think I might still take her advice...


  1. She was flirtin' with you man! What kind of bike is it?

  2. LOL, I don't know about that. I've seen stranger things.

    I have a 2000 Honda Shadow 750 American Classic Edition. Not a bad bike, but hard to keep clean on these CA roads.

  3. Certain colors show dirt faster than others, I had a FZ600 with white wheels and the rest mostly white that was real hard to keep clean...especially when I smacked it down and had to Frankenstein the plastic with zip-ties! :-)

  4. Really? I'm glad you didn't tell me about the wonderful DMV representative (aka: bitch) back when this happened, otherwise I probably would have been calling her boss.

    And any misinformation I may have given you can be blamed on any information I received on the DMV website......