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October 31, 2007

Iran is reeeally starting to piss me off

I have taken a serious hiatus from the political blogging, mainly because I have been extremely busy with the new move, new job, etc., but also because it is a pain in the ass to follow and comment on. My previous job allowed me the opportunity to research and write consistently because I was very a short timer and nobody expected me to participate in the Navy's daily bullshit.

But I did visit some of my daily reads and find that there is still a lot of tension in Iran, Iraq, Afghani--- well, pretty much everywhere over there. And jack shit is being done about it. Still.

Bush insists that a nuclear-armed Iran will lead to three-peat World War and, as much as he has bumbled things up through his last 2 terms, I am inclined to agree with my former boss on this issue. I wholeheartedly believe that Iran would (will?) use their nukes on Israel. Why wouldn't they? Ahmadinejad has made threats to do so in the past. He is not joking around when he tells the U.S. that he will retailiate if attacked. He wants the old school of Islam to ring true throughout the world and would probably ignite a WWIII to fulfill prophecy. But as pissed off as I get with that guy there is something about him, a sort of Anti-Christ attribute in that when I look at him I think, "Dammit, that's a good looking dude. Too bad he is fucked in the head". I am in no way challenging my sexuality but this guy has a look that people would respond to and follow whatever he said, and not just the fanatical assholes in Iran, but normal people. Kind of like Bill Clinton's look in a way. Clinton came on the scene and ran against Bob Dole. If I hadn't known how crooked Clinton was (is) back then I would have voted for him just on his looks and smooth talk. Anyway, sorry for tangent.

Some U.S. officials say that Iran's nuke program is still a few years away and that the immediate threat is
that in addition to much-publicized explosively formed projectiles -- roadside bombs that can penetrate armored vehicles -- Iran is supplying rocket-propelled grenades, shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles and large rocket launchers [to Iraq]
So, while the "Slick Willy" of Iran maintains a position as a 'hands-off' kind of guy in the Middle East, his fingerprints are all over the receipts of those weapons.

And we are thinking about bombing their nucular(sic) facilities? Are you fucking kidding me? If we were to do that I think that Iran would definitely invade somewhere along the 900-mile Iran/Iraq border and more Americans would die. If we weren't already stretched so thin over there I would be all for it. Bomb that asshole and let's take care of some business. I'm tired of paying more than $3 for a gallon gas. But, and this is a big fat Oprah "but", I think we need to sanction the shit out of them. And I mean really sanction them- not a half assed North-Korea-Kim-Jong-Il-is-throwing-another-shitfit sanction. Iran, much like Hawaii, only has one marketable resource. Hawaii has tourism as its lifeblood cash crop and Iran has its oil. Cut the lifeblood off and the area will dry up like Paris Hilton's crotch on a night vision gangbang video. Of course it will take a few years for Iran to use up its cash reserves from the previous decades' worth of oil sales, but nothing is easy and we are in this for the long run! Castles took months of sieging before they fell and Iran is no different. Maybe a tough sanction would at least keep guns from crossing Iran's border.

But who knows. It is a Mexican standoff of epic proportion and all I can do anymore is wait for Google to update its news feeds.

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