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November 4, 2008

For the record- The race to 270

Today was the first time in 20 years that I actually went to a polling station to cast my vote. I had sent in absentee ballots the whole time I was in the Navy so this was an eye-opening experience. My polling station is small and I was the 8th person to cast their vote this morning. Starbucks gave me a free cup of coffee for my civic duty.

I think this election will be a nail biter but as I am writing this Obama has taken a significant lead in electoral votes. I have always though the electoral process is crap and that the popular vote should be the deciding factor. As it stands, it is a race to 270, and the McCain/Palin ticket is lagging.

Besides the Presidential vote, there were some important propositions here in CA that were also on the ballot. There were also a few people running for reelection of offices in the state that I did not really care about- so I wrote in my name. I have a pretty good shot at taking Judge of Superior Court #6 since Peter McBrian is running unopposed.

So, without regret, here are my selections for my first non-absentee election:

Pres/V.P.- McCain/Palin (see my previous posts for my reasons)
Congressman District 3- Dan Lungren
Senator- Dave Cox

Prop 1- High Speed Train YES
Prop 2- Farm Animal confinement YES
Prop 3- Children's Hospital Grant NO (they have plenty of money that hasn't been used since 2004)
Prop 4- Waiting period and parental notification for under age huzzies who get knocked up and want an abortion YES
Prop 5- Nonviolent drug offenses etc. YES
Prop 6- Cop funding, criminal penalties and laws NO (not worded good enough for me)
Prop 7- Renewable energy intiative NO (Seems counterintuitive for me since I work in that industry but there are too many loopholes for big power companies to soak taxpayers)
Prop 8- Same sex marriages protected NO (Stop calling it marriage. Get married in a church, get a civil union in a courthouse for taxes, with holdings etc. and be done with it)
Prop 9- Victim's right for Parole notification HELL YES
Prop 10- Alternative feul vehicles NO (rewrite because it is too vague and gives too much leniency for things to get effed up)
Prop 11- redistrictin ginitiative YES
Prop 12- Veteran's Bond act UHH, HELL YEAH

Tomorrow dawns a new age either way.

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