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November 12, 2008

Suck it, treehuggers

I was so happy to read this email my wife sent me concerning the Navy's use of active sonar off the coast of California. I remember how much of a pain in the ass it was to come out to San Diego to do battlegroup operations becuase of the Marine Mammal Active Sonar regulations the Navy had to adopt. In short, whenever a few whales beached themselves, there happened to be a Naval exercise somewhere in the area, perhaps even 2000 nautical miles away. This was unequivocably related and caused by the active sonar operations of the ships and subs, regardless of whether or not the power levels were 100dB or 250dB.

I remember one exercise that came to a halt because a pod of dolphins was detected near our boat. 2 U.S. submarines, a Frigate, and a helicopter had to secure active until the dolphins got tired of playing with us. Heaven forbid a humpback get in our path in which case we had to provide right of way, no matter the distance.

Oh yeah, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg can suck it too.


  1. Stupid enviromental freaks screw GREENPEACE and SCREW THE CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISION tell them to GO TAKE A HIKE we dont need their regulations so tell them to stuff it As we have found out the SAVE THE RAINFORESTS was a rip off hundered were suckered into donating to those SAVE THE RAINFORESTS poppycock and other were lead in this nonsense the the rainforests were the lungs of the earth THE EARTH IS NOT YOUR MOTHER ITS NOT A LIVING THING ITS A PLANET FLOATING THROUGH SPACE and JAMES LOVELOCK is STUPID

  2. yeah, phuck the earth, and all that live on it, i concur that the dirtbag dirtcrashers should burn in hell for dumping their retoric like puke over linoleum. floating thru rainforestes and love. Maybe you should go take a hike thru one of these fainforests, and turn off the ps3, its obvious that this is all you know you dumbasses, wake up and smell the cofee. do me one favor DONT VOTE.

  3. Thank you for practicing your internet shorthand here. It really adds to your coffee cliche, Anon.

    Why is it the tards always use Anon? Err, I guess that is rhetorical.

    I'll turn off my PS3 when you you learn to make a sensible statement.