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November 6, 2008

The next 4 years

Wow, I hadn't really finished my last post on election day when, only 13 minutes after the polls closed here in CA, Obama had reached the 270 electoral votes. I almost feel bad for the people on the West coast who waited in line for 2 hours to vote for McCain.

I honestly feel the better candidate did not win and the close popular vote showed that Americans were almost divided on whom should pick up the office for the next 4 years. But only time will tell, as with everything, but I hope that Obama's presidency will not weaken our country like Clinton's did. Speaking of which, it was a historic day because the United States has elected it's second black President.

I don't see much change coming in the next 4 years though. Obama's liberal and consistent voting record will be his benchmark for me. I hope that he proves me wrong because our country is desperate need for some help. But I don't have much faith in a man who, along with his party, do not support the idea of teachers passing out aspirins to students but then think it is perfectly reasonable for an underage girl to get an abortion and the parents should not be notified. I don't get it. In fact, the Proposition on our CA ballot for parental notification and waiting period did NOT pass. People are retarded.

I am happy to say that most of the Propositions I voted for passed. Thank God the chickens now have room to flap their wings before their heads are chopped off (Prop 2). Prop 8 passed and homosexuals will have to wait a little longer to get married, or, in my opinion, have a civil union. I feel bad for the people who waited in line at the chapels and courthouses who then had to go home single. At least CA allows domestic partnerships, unlike Florida (a.k.a Hell's Waiting Room) that passed a Prop to eliminate them. My home state of AR showed it's backward thinking by disallowing people who aren't married to adopt. It was originally targeted for same sex couples but that would be discriminatory so they included everyone. Let's hope Obama can change all this, right?

Generally speaking, I wasn't really bummed that Obama won, unlike the feelings of disbelief and angst when Clinton won a second term despite everything that happened in his first 4 years. I think that the last few elections have shown that the younger candidate that can actually hold their own in a debate will win the presidency. Republicans need to be grooming their own minority, 4 year Senator with no experience and they will win by a landslide.


  1. Well I decided to take a look and see what you had to think on the election subject. I was plesently suprised! I thought there would be more anger behind the great Bush fans written word. Well, Im happy with the out come. We do need change in this country, by which ever party. Just remember, G.W Bush had no experience in D.C., neither did Clinton, or Reagen. The only one who had such experience in the last 20 some years had a small and some what uneventful 4 year term. Just remember we are all in this together. And I KNOW you didnt like Palin! Dive, Dive!

  2. CA has not been in play for several election cycles, with our secure, gerrymandered districts it's been transported to the "D-Win" column for Electoral Votes. They don't even bother to count the votes here anymore because the time-delay inconveniences the East Coast Network Media.