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October 11, 2009

Peace Out

Obama recently won the Nobel Peace Prize and the world is patting us on the back while internally Americans are ripping each other apart. The announcement from the Norwegian Nobel Committee caught the media off guard and non stop coverage ensued. There are definitely mixed feelings about the award and frankly, I couldn't care less. That award hit rock bottom for me when Yasser Arafat claimed 1/3 of the honor in 1994. 

There are a few key arguments in the blogosphere that have been made about the award. 

1) Obama was put in for the award less than 2 weeks into his term as president.

I don't know if this is true however, it is plausible. This administration seems like it is building a history of "getting something for not really doing anything". It falls along the same lines as when all the little kids receieve an award instead of just the winners of the soccer game.

2) The NNC is full of left wing socialists so it is no wonder they would vote for one of their kind.

If is true, it also falls in line with the past partisan plugs from the Committee to push global goals. Every time Gore opens his mouth about global warming he gets one. 

3) He hasn't done anything to deserve it.

I read one extreme argument to support this statement from a person who brought up the deaths in Iraq and, more recently, Afghanistan and that these deaths alone should disqualify Obama from the award. Again, if Arafat can get it why not Obama. The common complaints I read on this point revolves around the current state of our economy, the persistent war in the middle east, the continued operation of Gitmo, etc. Granted it has only been 9 months since the man took office but he he has focused on far less important issues, such as political payback, that would be justification to give Nobel Peace Prize to someone else more deserving. Reagan brought down the Iron Curtain for crying out loud. Aren't there any more Mother Theresa's out there?

In my opinion, it is very premature for Obama to receive this honor. Back in the day, people received this award 20-40 years after their accomplishments and many received it posthumously. For my Navy readers, that means "after death". It will be interesting to see what he does with the $1.4M award money.

The Obama supporters were in awe after they heard the news and quickly jumped on any rebuke as a racist, angry, bitter attempt by GOP supporters to totally shit on anything the president does. This does have some credibility especially since Chicago's loss of hosting the 2016 Olympics brought out the neener-neeners from the right-of-center media outlets. I even stuck it to Obama in a post but I did so not because I hate the man but because he is such a sham. However true that might be, he is still our President and we Americans must seem pretty silly to the rest of the world as they read about us, some of whom actually want their president to fail. 

I think the most damning evidence against the true mission of the NNC choice for Obama to take the prize is this statement:
Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics.
That's it? Gee, what was the matter with our international politics before Obama... hmmm... oh yeah- Bush was president and we were a bunch of 'gun toting war mongers' tired of putting up with the World's bullshit. So Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize for essentially not being Bush and for pre-emptive peace? I think it was Woody Allen who said, "90% of Life is just showing up."

Apparently, the NNC's reason to giveObama the award was "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." Read that again- his "efforts", not his accomplishments. Remember the little kids? Obama was given a highly prestigious award on what he might accomplish. This is actually a good move for bolstering world peace, or at least the efforts in attaining it.
We'll all be waiting now for him to bring about peace in the Mid-east, completely get out of Iraq, completely disengage from Afghanistan, eradicate nuclear weapons from the earth, prevent the next genocide, convince the Muslim world that we mean them no harm, convince the western world Islam means us no harm, Human rights in China, love between Blacks and whites, etc.

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