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October 8, 2009

Tijuana donkey makes left turn at Albuquerque; ends up in Gaza

When you pull in to San Diego, a trip south of the border is a must. I saw many street side "zebras" many years ago during an overnight romp in TJ- poor burros were painted and then laden with boxes of chicklets.

Here is a story about a Gaza zoo who's owners used hair dye and masking tape to turn a donkey into a make shift zebra. WHy would this crazy Palestinian do such a thing? His reasons are twofold:

"The first reason so that the children would see a striped donkey and think zebra and then they might feel like they saw a new animal today."
OK, so you wanted to trick the children and lied by telling them that this abomination is a zebra.

"The second reason is because it is difficult to get a striped donkey because it is very expensive and all the animals we get we smuggle them inside."
I don't see what the problem is. Hamas has been smuggling firearms, RPG's, mortars, grenades and mines using underground tunnels for decades. Why does't the zoo owner just load up a real zebra with this stuff and use it as a tax write off? The children get their zebra and Hamas gets more ammunition to kill Israeli civilians.

Wait, I have a better idea. You want real zebras in your zoos? Tell Hamas to stop killing Israeli civilians while hiding behind Palestinian children, dick holes!

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