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October 30, 2004

Everyone Loves A Parade

Not everything that happens on my street is a bad thing. About a month ago I heard the unmistakable noise of a high school marching band coming down the street. I grabbed my camera and started rolling tape.

The parade consisted of local school children screaming, cars honking their horns, and the band playing a couple of songs. You can see the band and hear only the percussion for the first bit until they get by my place then started playing. The flag girls started doing their thing and the cheerleaders were trying to drum u p some cheers form the onlookers. Of course no school parade would be complete without the future-hoochies-to-be, the homecoming queens. Of course I use “hoochie” as a term of endearment.

Now this “parade” was pretty lame as far as parades go but I thought it was cool the kids got out and showed some school spirit. I always get a kick out of watching kids because you can tell by their personality and actions what kind of adults they will be. Now, that is a very generalized statement but I would like to hear a compelling argument otherwise. Just watch some of the kids and you can probably see an adult that reminds you of them.

One thing that cracked me up was that the drivers of the cars were wearing their seatbelts but the kids sitting on the backs of the convertible seats weren’t. I understand it is a parade but I wonder if the cop leading the parade told the drivers they had to buckle up for safety. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they did.

Anyway, no glaring commentary for this post. Just wanted everyone to know that not everything that happens on this street makes me bitch about it.

Right click and "Save as" to watch the ~6 minute video:


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  1. I noticed u like to use the words hootchie and cootchie, to describe the way girls dress these days.Instead of making passive remarks at todays female youth,you could just address the issue your so steamed about.......girls dressing like sluts.