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October 18, 2004

Justice Served

I have decided to open this site with just a few comments on why I took the time to devote a site to the land of Aloha, specifically, where I live. This isn't a political overview or cultural analysis; it is simply a vent fueled by the ridiculousness and stupidity of the people where I live. Now this is not an anti-"whatever" site. If I lived in Roosterpoot, Arkansas and had neighbors that pissed me off then I would create a site. It just so happens I live in Hawaii and there are people here that piss me off and it is these people who will be showcased on my site. So where do I start? How about on a little street in Honolulu called Ala Ilima. I live in one of the many apartment buildings on this street that is affectionately known as concrete alley. I live in a gated community with a nice parking garage, a pool, and lush landscaping. However this little nook is not without its stupidity, but I will address that in later posts I'm sure. So the debut of my site (sorry for the digression but I am a tangential thinker) opens with some asshole that was speeding down my street at midnight. I sleep with my window open and this guy had one of those annoying exhaust systems that sounds like a chainsaw in need of some maintenance. This exhaust seems to be a favorite for the locals who lack the money to buy a real car so they spend their money on a Honda Civic and shitty exhausts to compensate. After all, a loud car is a fast car, right? Shortly after he woke me up I heard the unmistakable sound of police cruiser in hot pursuit fly by. When the red and blues were flashing in my window I got up to see Honolulu's finest grab this jackass by the nape of the neck and force him down to the ground. I thought, "Hmm, this looks like a Kodak moment". Two cruisers blocked this guy in front of my apartment building. They promptly handcuffed this guy while asking him questions. After about 10 minutes they uncuffed him and sat him down on the ground next to his vehicle. After 10 more minutes they cuffed him again and put him in the cruiser. Guess they decided he was a criminal. One officer started filling out the paperwork on the hood of his car and he had a pained look on his face like he was filling out his taxes. He opened the cruiser door asked the speeder a few questions then took off. The other officer stayed behind and leaned on the speeders car (to keep it from rolling away?) until someone came and drove it off. I assume it was a friend of the perp. I found it odd that they didn't call a tow-truck to come get it. In the end I was happy because the asshole that woke me up out of a deep sleep was caught and hauled away. Justice was served. There have been plenty of things that have happened here in the 1 1/2 years of living on Ala Ilima St. but I will save those stories for a slow day. Enjoy the show and aloha!

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