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January 17, 2007

Burning Crusade makes me burning mad


The long awaited expansion pack to my online role playing game, World Of Warcraft, finally came out yesterday. I installed it and with great anticipation headed out to the zone where I would enter the Dark Portal, transported to place that hasn't been seen in 10,000 years.

There was only one problem, 80 Horde characters camping the portal so no Alliance characters, of which I am, could even get to the portal. In non-geek speak, a bunch of jackasses with nothing better to do hung around a choke point and killed people trying to get to the one area that would take them to the game they just paid $40 for. This is the moral equivalent of 20 people hanging out in front of a movie theatre and pushing the few random people who paid to the movie away from the entrance.

My server is a PvP server, player-vs-player, in which players can freely attack one another from opposing factions- the equivalent of the Orcs unloading of Aragon whenever they saw him. There are PvE, or player vs Entity, servers where players only fight computer generated characters (entities) unless they choose to fight a member of the opposite faction. PvE servers are more affectionately known as Care Bear servers. I only bring this up because there is really nothing Blizzard Entertainment can do when I sent in a complaint other than the stadard, "Figure it out" reply.

I eventually made it to the portal, crossed over and started my new journey in this new expansion pack. I was in the middle of my first quest when the game server crashed, apparently for the umpteenth time that day. I couldn't get that character out of there so I decided to play another character I had that had not passed through the portal into the unstable server. Now that server crashed. Basically, I was Mario, bouncing around in his world grabbing coins but not able to go into any of the secret areas, then, out of the blue, the game goes dark.

Not only did I pay $40 for this expansion pack but I also pay $15 a month to play the regular game. Basically, I was out $40.50 yesterday. So much for The Burning Crusade Beta.


  1. Why I play Pve, and do all of my PvP in the battlegrounds (usually WSG, Pick up games, for the ultimate in capture the flag caos).

    So the big question is do you play a rogue, the character which attacks by surprise stealth. If warriors are battleships, the rogue would be a sub. Which helps me explain to myself why my warrior keeps going down so fast to them.

  2. That is a great analogy, baronger! I wonder if my submarine life has unwittingly mitigated itself in to my online gameplay.

    As far as Rogues vs. Warriors goes, I have had my fair share of losses to warriors. Warriors are in it for the long haul, big damage spaced out with the ability to take damage. We rogues are glass cannons and rely on burst damage. I find my toughest opponent to be tier 2 Warlocks. They make me angry.