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January 30, 2007

Tobacco-Addiction Center Found

A lot of money went into finding the part of the brain that controls the addictions of human beings. To my understanding, the research invold smokers who later had their brains scanned. Insula seemed to be the common denominator in the addiction after a smoker who had a stroke had his brain scanned. It seemed that after the stroke he no longer had the urge to smoke and this behavior was linked the insula that was damaged during the stroke.

This research has some very interesting follow-up questions. For example, are the insula responsible for the addiction of shoplifting or driving fast? Will it only be a matter of time before we can "cure" people of their sexual deviancy, homosexuality, liberalism or their preference of Coke over Pepsi? I can see this research spiraling out of control and being on the same ticket as stem cell research.

We are getting closer to Gattica everyday.

Arthur Quigle,
Scrap-Yard Worker
"What a great day for humanity. Pretty soon, none of our shitty behavior will be our fault."

Lacey Janson,
"If it's the brain that's responsible and not the nicotine, we all have some major-tobacco-company apologizing to do."

Omar Abbas,
Construction Worker
"Great! So could you hit that part with a board or pipe for me? Because I'm really needing a fix right now."

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