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January 20, 2007

Hugh Heffner aims high

Airforce Sergent Michelle Manhart, mother of 2 and married, was recently portrayed in Playboy bearing it all- showing once again that Playboy staff can turn anything into an acceptable photographic opportunity given enough make-over resources. Manhart claims, "I didn't do anything wrong, so I didn't think it would be a major issue."

I heard this Playmate wannabe in an interview with that exemplory example of interbreeding, Soladad O'Brien, in which she tried toexcuse her other than honorable military behavior. When gien the reason the Air FOrce has relieved her of her duties while under investigation she said, "I don't -- don't feel that that's the view of the entire Air Force or the entire military in general."

Really? If she was familiar with the other military bimbos who were kicked out of the military for appearing in Playboy she might have thought twice about it. She is definately playing the ignorance of the rules card but her dimwitedness can best be summed up in her closing remarks to CNN:
You know, if they're going to undress me with their eyes, they're going to do it anyways, in my opinion.
And since they are going to be punching the clown to your layout why don't you just go ahead roll thier balls around in your mouth?

A swift boot out of the Air Force is in order as is a follow up interview with Chunky Asses magazine.

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