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January 25, 2007

Veteran killed over $5000

It's tax time again and that means headaches, frustration and dead sailors. I wish I could say that this sailor was killed in Iraq, gun in hand, going out in a blaze of glory- but it didn't go down that way for Terron Bush. Terron was shot just after he cashed his tax return. But the story is even more beweildering as police investigate the robbery.

The story is not very well written by and I actually had to write names down to get it straight. The short and skinny is that Terron had the mother of one of the gunmen who robbed him prepare his tax return. The gunman, along with his brother and his cousin, shot Terron and Terron's cousing who was with him. The ting that is most upsetting is that the gunman shot Terron in the gut AS he was handing over his money and then shot him 3 more times. Terron's cousin tried to get away but was shot in the back Jesse James style.

Aside from the ridiculousness of this crime and the cowardice of the teenagers involved is the disheartening fact that Terron was an Iraqi veteran. He served on an aircraft carrier and probably never saw any firefights, but I'm sure his family worried about his safety everyday. It is an insufferable tragedy he had to spend the last few moments of his life in his hometown wondering why his life was only worth $5000. He leaves a fiancee and a 4-month old daughter to fend for themselves now.



  1. Sonofabitch!! Goddammit that makes me mad, those stupid bastard coward chump-change punk m*f%#*s. Dammit.

  2. I served with him good guy rest in peace bush