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February 13, 2007

Obama bama mo mamma

For a while the young, up-and-coming Senator from Illinois gave me a reason to vote for the dementia that is the Democratic party. I like Giulliani; he did some good with his broken window project of NYC and I admire his efforts in 2001 when his city became the focal point for our war on terror. I don’t know much about his politics, mainly because I haven’t taken the time to Google them. I expect, however, that they will align fairly close to my own.

McCain has military service, and is a war hero at that, and he has some good ideas on how to handle our troops; but his illegal immigration stance doesn’t do it for me. There are some other presidential hopefuls but they are just political chaff.

So, back to Obama. I wondered how long it would take before his name would be used in some clever pun to describe the Senator’s political views. And I was right. Hat tip to Power Line for the coined phrase "Obamanations", used to describe the verbal slip-ups the greenhorn Senator has made. Unlike Bush, Obamanations are somewhat intelligent- in an eerie Kerry-esque kind of way- but they still reveal fatal flaws in Obama’s political armor.

Here are just a few mentioned on Power Line.

- Referred to Australia’s PM as "one of Bush’s allies". Wasn't Australia our ally before Bush was president? It is this autonomous mentality, that Bush is running around like rogue frat boy doing as he pleases, that is further dividing this country into the ‘for Bush’ and the ‘against Bush’ factions. Oh wait, that is what the Red/Blue state delineation was for.

- "On Saturday at Iowa State University he lamented 'over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted' in Iraq." Whoopsie daisy! You have to watch those Kerry-isms if you expect to get the uneducated and sadist military vote.


  1. The media-fawning and Obamahype is incredible, and incredibly self-discrediting. Like the glazed-over indifference to Atkin's retarded "mercenary" comments the MSM reveals its unupported bias, and its indifference to how it affects people and the Country.

  2. Obamahype is just that, Hype. Didn't the democrats learn anything with Kerry? I mean this guy is the most liberal senator in the senate. Think we are going to hear that again?

    I voted for McGovern back in the day but he did not win, so think about who will be electable. I mean Bush was so unpopular anyone should have been able to win. Oh wait they did not did they?

  3. Wow, this post is a year old but I guess it popped up since Obama and Billary are going at it now.

    I just have to believe that the American people are smarter than to elect another Clinton in office. It's time for some new meat.