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February 20, 2007

Chapman still in the Dog House

A court recently disapproved Duane "Dog" Chapman's request for a stay of extradition to our ass hat neighbors to the south. I watched an A&E special, again, about the situation Dog and his family face hoping to get some more information at the end of the show. Both Dog and his wife were very cryptic and I was disappointed they did not get into specifics. If you need some background on this here is a previous post. The Dog

It is shameful that Condoleeza Rice hasn't, in the most diplomatic way possible, told the Mexican government (paid off by Andrew Luster, no doubt) to go shit in a hat. Although the charge of "illegal detention" is a minor crime in Mexico, with a penalty of a few hundred dollars, I don't want to take the risk of The Dog incurring the maximum penalty of 4 years in a Mexican pisshouse, err, jail. The effects of the corruption in Mexico are rivaled only by the explosive diarrhea one gets after eating the roadside tacitoes. Either way, your asshole takes a beating.

I would encourage both of my readers to write to Condoleeza Rice and admonish her that we do not take orders from a defunct government when it concerns the safety of Americans. Luster is dildo of the highest magnitude and his incarceration has done nothing but make women safer. It was only a matter of time before female Mexican residents or female tourists were given the same treatment.

Here is my letter to Condoleeza Rice:

As a military member stationed in Hawaii for 15 years I have come to truly admire the work that Duane "Dog" Chapman has done for the people of Hawaii. He is a hero here.

It is distressing that this man could be extradited to Mexico for retrieving Andrew Luster, something the U.S. could not do on its own because of extradition laws Mexico enforces (when it sees fit).

Madam Secretary, I implore you to do whatever is within your means to prevent Duane Chapman from being extradited and send a message to Mexico that it is unacceptable to harbor our fugitives, but more importantly, prevent us from bringing them to justice.

The world is a better place now that Andrew luster is behind bars and that debt is owed to The Dog.

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