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February 8, 2007

Watada's Cowardice given mistrial

Army 1st Lt Watada has dodged another bullet when a jusdge declared a mistrial yesterday. The leftists and family members of this coward are jumping for joy over the decision. Why did the judge declare it a mistrial? Jury tampering? Prosecution pulled an O.J.? Nope.

Watada claims he did not understand a piece of paper that he signed had him going to Iraq. He is now playing the "I'm too stupid to read what I sign" card. What are they teaching people at University of Hawaii, Watada's alma mater.

The list of people that rushed to his defense reads like a Moonbat Who's Who:

1. University of Illinois Law Professor, Frances Boyle
During a visit to Hawaii, urged Native Hawaiians to emulate the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The speaking tour was co-sponsored by the State of Hawaii Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Boyle has also worked as an attorney for both the PLO and the Chechen rebel "government." What's next professor- asking locals to emulate Al-Qaida?

2. Dennis Halliday
Former United Nations official who last served the UN as United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in 1997 in Iraq—in the midst of the Oil for Food payouts. He quit the UN after one year in Baghdad and began working as a full time campaigner against the UN sanctions on Iraq. I guess it was more lucrative to bash the U.N. after his meal ticket was exposed.

3. Ann Wright
Ex-officer who quit the State Department in March 2003 in protest of the Iraq war. She is now a full time activist who gives interviews to the Maoist Revolution newspaper and coordinated Cindy Sheehan’s media circus in Crawford, Texas. What a great alignment Wright has taken.
In Honolulu, support for Watada was until recently organized largely by the Maoist front group "Not In Our Name," which is controlled by the Honolulu branch of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Watada support rallies are now controlled by Code Pink, a group co-founded by San Francisco activist Medea Benjamin, a former resident of Castro’s Cuba.

Way to go Watada. Your supporters, including Jane Fonda, are a testament to the ridiculousness of your ideology. You have no support from the military and your call for a coup d'etat from your fellow soldiers is laughable at best. Please read the article to read about some more upstanding supporters of Watada. I will be anxiously awaiting his next trial in March.


  1. 1.) Stupid-Head - Act like the PLO? Hello it's a bunch of islands, there's no Gaza Strip border-fence to fire rockets across. "Death to Infidels!" Doesn't quite sound the same as "Aloha" - are you suggesting the local chicks trade grass-skirts for a burquah-bag? What a 'tard.
    2.) Stupid-Stupid - got caught with his hand in his pants, now where's he got his hand?
    3.)Stooge-Stupid - Duh, the State Dept. has been rife with Communists and tweakers since Roosevelt, and has been one of the principal DC architects of anti-Iraq leaks and "resistance" - why leave?
    What a bunch of flaming assholes.

  2. I can always count on you, DC to bring some perspective to this blog! I am really going to try to make an effort to video tape some of the island kooks who protest along the roads here. does a good job of making these people look like the ass hats they really are.

    If you will excuse me, I have some scripts to write...