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April 20, 2009

Columbine reporting = Bullshit

It has been 10 years since the largest failed school bombing attempt at Columbine High School. Oh, did I say bombing? You heard correctly and probably didn't even know that the two assholes who shot dozens and killed 13 had setup the day to be a huge bombing.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went down in history as the agents behind the worst massacre in high school shooting (to date) 10 years ago today. The only reason it was a shooting and not a bombing is because the propane tanks they set in place to explode did not. I find that ironic since Harris was always complaining about how stupid the rest of the world was.

USA Today came out with a great article, confirming what I already knew, about the 2 psychopaths in the shooting. It wasn't that they belonged to the Trenchcoat Mafia- thank you media for giving all the losers in schools something to join. It wasn't because they were loners. The FBI finally released what the real cause was. Ready?

They were fucking psychopaths. Yep, that's the reason.

So shame on all the media outlets that found a way to blame everyone else in this tradgedy except the two fuck sticks who were really and ultimately responsible.

This whole story reminds me of the exercise where the teacher whispers something to a student then he repeats it to another. By the time the story gets back to the teacher it is nothing like the original. Same thing happened here but because the press was so eager to get a story they fell for anything that came across thier desk.

"Psst. Newsperson. I heard they wore trenchcoats."
"News flash! All students who wear trenchcoats are possible murderers!"

Hmm, I hate that Marylin Manson retread. "Hey, I heard they listened to Marylin Manson."
"News flash! Students who listen to shitty music by people (who are also fucked up) are possbile candidates for school shootings!"

Let's drum up some sympathy for the Christians. "Hey, I heard he asked a girl if she was a Christian and when she said yes, he blew her brains out."
"News flash! Anyone who doesn't like religion is a possible serial killer!"

Oh, all the above statements, as told and retold by the media, are total bullshit. Here is the story by USA Today. I recommend giving it a good parusing.

10 years later, the real story

Oh, and one more Fuck You goes out to Michael Moore, who shamelessly scrambled a video to make a quick buck and put the blame on everyone except the 2 who pulled the triggers.

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