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April 14, 2009

A sad day

If you're wondering why my flag in the front yard (if I really had one) is at half mast today, it is because of the passing of one of hte greatest (adult) film stars of the 20th Century. Marilyn Chambers died on Sunday at the age of 56, a respectable age that most dried up porn actresses do not reach, and was found by her 17 year old daughter.

Mrs. Chambers had a break through role in Behind the Green Door after her exotic dancer/legitimate acting career was failing. Savvy for her age, she asked that the males in the film be tested for STD's as a condition for her contract. The rest is history.

She also starred in Deep Throat and actually made it to "legitimate" screen films in her riveting role in the 1977 B horror movie "Rabid". Although her big screen career didn't take off, she returned to having her cooch pounded for money in the 80's with a series of collections and then went back again in the 90's!

She was divorced 3 times, has one daughter who survives her, and is now finally back with her labia that died in the mid 80's. It is not certain if Mrs. Chambers' daughter will carry on her legacy.

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