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April 30, 2009

Hog Flu: Run for the Hills!!!!

I am not old enough to remember the Hog Flu outbreak in the 1970’s and didn’t even know we had one until I started researching the data behind the current one. The World Health Organization says we are but just a small step away from having a worldwide pandemic. 100+ people have died in Mexico, American’s are scared and but a small step away from hysteria. Egypt, one of the few Arab countries not jam packed with lunatic muslims, has now ordered 300,000 pigs to be slaughtered in response to the growing concern over the impending pandemic.

I call bullshit.

Do you know how many hogs they found infected with this flu in the 70’s (after millions of dollars were poured into a vaccine)?


To date, do you know how many infected hogs they have found in Mexico?


People are in hysterics over this flu and they don’t even know what it is. A coworker told me you can get it from eating pork. That is absolutely not true; it is hog flu, not mad hog disease. Schools are sending out notices to parents to caution their children about unnecessarily touching other students and to wash their hand often. You could lick a hog’s ass and not catch hog flu, although you might catch something else more or less unpleasant.

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on any media form, but I do know when someone is trying to blow smoke up my ass. A bunch of people in Mexico died from, for now let’s just call it the “flu”, and we are supposed to believe it is transmitted from coming in contact with pigs. A bunch of Mexicans died from the flu and this surprises people? I guess it would if you think Mexico has some form of effective health care system, but for those of us with an IQ above a piece of toast it come as no shock.

I forgot to mention the old people who have died from “hog flu”. Say it isn’t so- an old person with an ineffective and worn out immune system died from an illness? How many people around the world, not just seniors, have died this year of the regular flu?

The thought had crossed my mind that hysteria is good for business. Politicians can pass laws and bills under the radar of most people during this time. Actually, they pass them in plain view of the radar and most stupid Americans are none the wiser.
Although I may not the specific outcome of this “pandemic”, I have a strong gut feeling that nothing good will come of this concocted hog flu. Pharmaceutical companies will profit on our dime for needless vaccinations, face mask companies will see an increase in sales and further promote the scare, and the politicians will invariably profit somehow from it.

And most Americans will be none the wiser and the majority will thank President Obama for saving us from certain annihilation.

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