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April 22, 2009

Nudist Hippie Tazered, but not enough...

A nudist was tazered at the Coachella Valley Music festival, probably the only interesting act at the whole event, while onlookers repeatedly gasped and harangued the three officers.

It looks like the officers followed protocol, the asshole would not cover himslef up and, after repeated attempts, the hippie kept resisting the officers. He got what he deserved. I made a similar post when a student was tazered by some campus cops and the same bleeding heart pussies objected to that.

Look, if cops come at you with tazers, whether you feel it is justified or not, you better get head down, ass up. Is your pride worth the shock of a few hundred thousand volts?

I watched the video several times and I do not understand why they call the nudist a "wizard". Dude, if you are a wizard you should really work on those nature resists. You could easily absorb and mitigate that lightning damage. Instead of taking that bottled water you should have popped a potion or elixir.



  1. Really, these three beefy cops couldn't take down the (incredibly fit?) nude hippie, but had to taze him instead? Maybe it's time we reassess who we're hiring for police in the first place.

    Cuff 'em, Danno.

  2. dunno, anonymous. if i had the choice between grappling with a nude hippie, or tazering him? he'd get the zap every time. probably a couple of times, just to be sure.

    and i'm with you knavish one. if he was a real wizard, hell, he would simply redirect the tazer energy in some harmless direction (if he were a good wizard), or back at those meany cops (if he was a bad wizard). i just don't know about these new modern wizards any more.

  3. Anon, if they did use a li ttle more force to wrestle the nude, deranged man to the ground then people like you would be crying police brutality.

    It is plainly obvious that they did try to cuff him but he kept resisting. The officers would have had to really use some force to get his arms behind the hippie's back and that would have hurt him more in the long term than being tazed.

    If a person is deranged enough to walk around a public place in the nude and then resist arrest then it is very difficult to assess the idiot's true state of mental health. Better to be safe than sorry and taze the retard into submission.