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September 26, 2009

Census worker murdered: File under "WTF?"

As I was reading about Obama's testicles finally dropping long enough to tell the anti-American world that they will be on their own from now on, I came across the story of a kindly Census worker, Bill Sparkman, who was found hanged to death in a Kentucky cemetery. How random is that?

The police do not know if Sparkman was going door-to-door for work and came across some ignorant, backwards-ass, inbred hillbillies who misinterpreted Federal Census worker as 'revenuer' and killed him, or if it was perhaps some ignorant, backwards-ass, inbred hillbilly drug users who got scared and killed him. Either of these two scenarios would work as Sparkman had "FED" written in black Sharpie across his chest and his badge was taped to his body.

Judgement Day just can't come quick enough for some people. I hope the culprits are found and made to endure a very lengthy and costly trial courtesy of the American taxpayers. And then, if convicted, made to live the rest of their lives in a prison with a gym, library, workshop and plenty of state funded counselors to rehabilitate these fuck sticks.

That will show them.

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