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September 12, 2009

Obama Race Card played... again

During a televised speech to Congress in which Obama was discussing his new health care reform, South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson yelled out, "You lie!" when Obama stated that illegal immigrants will not be covered by the new plan. I'm glad that Wilson got that off his chest and expressed what millions also feel about this health care joke that this administration is trying to force feed the American public.

Don't get me wrong, the system we have now doesn't suit everyone and thousands have no coverage. People complain about Medicare (health care for people 65 and older) and Medicaid (healthcare for people with low income) and how broke the system is and that something needs to be done quickly before they pull the plug on Grandma. I feel compelled to remind people that Medicare/Medicaid are government programs; if the government has jacked these 2 important programs up then what makes you think the Obama plan will be any better?

Reagan said it best:


But I digress from the original intent of this post.

Both the GOP and Dems rebuked Wilson for his outburst and an apology was quickly made. McCain, still pissed about his loss last November and fully regretting running with that Alaskan MILFTwit, ran to CNN to avenge the President. Rep. John Clyburn, the House Whip, also went on to say how baaaaaaad it was for Wilson to use the forbidden 3-letter word. Speaking of which, if he is the Whip, why doesn't he just whip the shit out of Wilson and then we can all move on.

Because that would be too easy and groups like the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) could not capitalize on this emotionally (not racially) motivated outburst. The African-American newspaper must need a boost to its circulation because it has flipped the Race Card regarding Wilson's outburst. Wilson has already shown a cosmic error in judgement but the statements made by the NNPA only compound the ridiculousness of this Obama oriented event.

Is this an indoctrinated tactic used by people who are so insecure and confused about their stance on an issue that they have to marginalize and attack an anti-Obama statement by calling the opposition racist?

No one in their right mind actually believes calling someone a liar equates to racism. The fact that the accuser is of a different color is irrelevant. I see a parallel to people who use the word "hate crime" as in indiscriminant label to help relieve some sort of inner tension by creating even more tension. After all, aren't all crimes 'hate crimes'?

What really bothers me about the anti Obama suppression by these goons is that by calling an insensitive jackass a racist they start to devalue the word. There are plenty of self proclaimed racists that are probably getting pissed off with all these meaningless and unsubstatiated accusations of racism.
NNPA Chairman Danny J. Bakewell Sr. said. "Rep. Wilson's remarks were racist, disrespectful, and a disingenuous violation -- not only of President Obama -- but to the institution of the presidency and only solidified our position and the importance in not spending black dollars where black people are not respected.
The last statement is in reference to the NNPA's new position to stand with the NAACP's boycott of South Carolina. I agreed with this asshat's comment about Wilson's remarks except for the racism shtick. Unfortunately, he said "racist" at the beginning of this comment and I immediately dismissed everything after as just another black man pissed off at the world. Does that make me racist? No, it makes me an insensitive asshole. Besides, I know that I'm not a racist because I would totally do Hale Berry.

What I find entertaining about the outburst is that it followed Obama's use of the same word Wilson used against him. Time reports,
Just before Wilson's scream, Obama himself had accused his unnamed opponents of offering "a lie, plain and simple."
"Hey Kettle, this is Pot. You're black!" Whoops, I did it again...

Time finished their article with a great spin by revealing something that had not occured to me. Wilson's outburst might actually help the President. Leave it to these Obama Jock Swingers to make a positive out of a negative.
But Wilson's outburst is on far shakier footing, even though the details of enforcement mechanisms for the bill have not been worked out. He was claiming something — benefits for illegal immigrants — that is expressly prohibited in the major legislative efforts in both houses of Congress. He was becoming the sideshow the President wanted to spotlight, and as such Wilson handed a great gift to his political enemies, for whom he clearly has little regard.
Bravo, Ms. Yan. Well played.

The Democrats gave Wilson an ultimatum for his unsolicited truth slinging: Apologize or face punishment. As obscure as it might sound, it is against House rules to call the President a liar. But it wasn't always so mamsy-pansey in American politics. If you recall 7th grade political history you might remember a man named Preston Brooks. From Wikipedia, the cheapest and most entertaining fascist online encyclopedia:
In May 22, 1856, Brooks beat Senator Charles Sumner with his Gutta-percha wood walking cane in the Senate chamber because of a speech Sumner had made three days earlier, criticizing President Franklin Pierce and Southerners who sympathized with the pro-slavery violence in Kansas ("Bleeding Kansas")
Yes, you read that right, he beat the living shit out of a man on the Senate floor. Granted, it wasn't televised and people back then actually had some sack and knew what chivalry meant. Wilson calls Obama a liar and everyone is butt hurt.

Why did NAACP start the boycott in the first place? Because the Confederate flag is flown above the state capitol.
The NAACP boycott has reportedly had mixed results, with some saying it has cut into tourism and affected state beaches, restaurants and motels, among other businesses, and others saying it has only hurt black-owned businesses in the state.
I have mixed feelings about the flag, seeing it as an icon for rednecks to rally under much in the same way as I view people who wear winter wool hats in the summer as confused douchebags. Anyway, good luck with that ban.

In response you NNPA and NAACP boycotting South Carolina, I will boycott these two institutions by withdrawing my subscriptions to Black Men, Ebony, XXL, Afro, African Vibes, African American Golfer's Digest, and Buffie. I will also discontinue watching BET, reruns of What's Happening and anything by Tyler Perry.


  1. Since Obama was elected, I've been questioning if our country was ready for a black president... I think 'white America' was just fine with it... it's the blacks that make every single issue into a race issue! Like people wouldn't disagree with Obama but for the fact that he's black(ish).

  2. I need to add the new definition of "racist" to my liberal dictionary.

    Racist: Anyone who disagrees with Obama.

    Previous entry (I know, lame dictionary):
    Torture: anything that provides useful information from the enemy