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February 5, 2005


First, I must apologize for the lack of a title for this post but I just couldn't come USB with anything.

I am learning more about my new group of coworkers everyday- some good, some not so good. For example, I found out that one of my coworkers paid for a hooker when he pulled into San Diego. No big deal, I guess. People do it all the time. After some prodding from others, however, I got the full story (there always is more to the story, isn't there?).

After procuring the services of a hooker, she then asked him if he wanted to get funky and have her urinate on him. Being an adventurous guy, he agreed to the golden shower. Again, this still didn't surprise me because I know guys that have urinated on the bar girls they paid for when we pulled into various countries overseas. What did surprise me about this whole pee-pee event was when the hooker asked him where he wanted it and he said, "In my mouth".

I think this guy is just wanting to experience some alternative forms of erotica and I'm all for that kind of stuff. I just learned from this guy that he wants to have a chick (hooker or otherwise) jam objects into his ass. I asked him to be more specific and he listed things that were mostly sex toys- dildo's and such- and suppressions enough, I asked "How big?".

I have said it before and I think it bears repeating: Sex is like weight lifting- it is not a spectator sport.

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