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February 2, 2005

It can only get better from here

My first day as the "boss" was interesting and I guess I have forgotten how much fun the sub can be.

I had to counsel one of my guys last week for being late and in the session I found out that his girlfriend from TX has been illegally staying with him in his room for 2 weeks now- she planned on leaving the 20th of February. I told this guy he needs to find somewhere to stay besides the barracks before someone walks in and sees his girlfriend all by herself one morning. Well, guess who walked in at 8a.m. while he was at work and the girlfriend was still in bed? The barracks petty officer (BPO), some second class knucklehead.

The girlfriend is worried that this BPO will turn my guy in but the BPO tells her not to worry about it and she can stay as long as she wants- if she shows him her breasts. I guess semi-annual sexual harassment training just isn't enough in the Navy. So, this young, dumb girl flashes this guy for the sake of her boyfriend. As if things can't get anymore messed up, the BPO gives her $20.

She calls her boyfriend to relay the fact that she can stay in the room and for him not to worry about it. She tells him the story and he leaves the boat to go get her. Now, I am oblivious as to what has happened at this point but I get suspicious when my guy comes to me and tells me that the barracks problem has been taken care of. He tells me what the BPO said and it just didn't sound right; why would the BPO knowingly break the rules and let her stay? About 20 minutes later I get the full story from the guy who drove the boyfriend up to the barracks. At this point I have no choice but to bring this to the attention of the command. The Chief of the Boat flips out and gets my guy, his girlfriend, the BPO, and my boss in a meeting with the base master chief. That BPO is fucked in every sense of the word- sexual harassment, extortion, failure to obey lawful order, etc.

So this was my first day. I can only hope it can't get any worse than this.

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  1. Yikes, that's rough. I hope it's all downhill from here.