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February 17, 2005

First duty day

My first duty day was full of suprises. Promptly after turnover there is the following announcement on the General Announcing Circuit, the 1MC:

"Man overboard!"

I'm thinking that this is a drill to test the duty section's response time. Wrong. The ship's duty officer had fallen off the port side of boat when he stepped off the non-skid. A civilian worker was there when he fell off and immediatley fished him out using a firehose as a line. Hey, at least he had the forethought to do that much.

The duty officer was relieved to change out of his wet clothes but not before another officer ran topside with the camera from the ship's office and rattled off a few shots.

About 3 hours later the cover to the weapons shipping hatch, AKA the doghouse, blew off the hatch when a gust of wind lifted it up and over the hatch. The ironic part is that the doghouse had just been untied and rotated. Whoops, guess they should have tied it back down?

Evidently, this is the 4th man overboard in a month. WTF? That harbor water is nasty and I go out of my way to make sure I will not fall in.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing...I went nearly five years on a submarine with only 1 Man Overboard in port.
    Then of course we had a five man overboard disaster (Which I hear is a subamarine record) pulling out of Dubai.
    Good luck!