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November 14, 2005

Apartments can really suck

I know this probably isn't news to anyone who has lived in one. Whenever a group of people are in close proximity to each other there is always conflict. For crying out loud, I rode submarines for almost 12 years- you can't get any closer than that to a group of people.

My bathroom ceiling has rotted out because the guy above me has a leak from his shitter. It took weeks to convince him that it was actually his toilet however, even after a contractor ripped a hole in my ceiling to see the underside of his floor.

The issue is money (isn't it always?) and who's insurance will cover the cost of the repair. An interesting caveat arose when the contractor pulled wet rotted newspaper from the pipes around the toilet. It was obvious to me that the people who renovated my bathroom (inlcuding new drywall ceiling tiles) saw the leak, and in true Hawaii work ethic fashion, just tried to cover up the problem instead of fixing it.

So, I have a hole in my ceiling with a plastic bag taped over the hole to prevent the debris and water that falls into my bathroom from above. Last weekend this jackass that lives above me, still in denial, poured a mixture of blue water all over his floor. Fortunately, my wife heard the water dripping and the plastic bag taped to the ceiling was about to come down. I ran upstairs and told the guy what was going on and this ass clown says, "Well, I thought if you ran up here then I guess the leak really was coming from my place." He then told his wife to sop up the water and wring it out in the tub.

Who the hell does a leak test at 9:00 p.m. without telling the people below? A freak from Neptune who is here collecting data on the human race by living among them.

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