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November 2, 2005

Tricks and Treats

The family dressed as someone different this year but since I spent so much time on this costume last year I figured I would get some more mileage out of it.

A Tusken, not a Storm Tropper, not a Sand trooper, not a (if you can believe th is) a mechanized Samurai. It is hard to believe kids and parents can be this clueless about Star Wars. This one lady said, "Nice costume! What are you?" It is a good thing she couldn't see the What-are-you-A-dumbass? look under the mask.


  1. What are you??? Tusken Raider? What is Star Wars? You should have stapled a sign to yourself explaining your costume and its significance to the world. Or a better idea would be to just have a sign that says "Homeless, Katrina/Rita Victim, will not work for food, just give cash donations please."

  2. I wore a pin on my vest at work that said "Join the dark side".

    One day while cashiering, someone came up and was chit chatting with me politely until they saw that button and got a disgusted look on their face. They then muttered something about religion in the workplace and left in a big huff.

    Since then, I wear a pin below that one that says:
    Star Wars