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November 12, 2005

Veteran's Day splish-splash

It's nice when you get a day off, especially in the military. We went to the water park (yes, I know, "What the heck is a water park doing in Hawaii?") and realized a few days before that it was military appreciation day. It was packed to the hilt and the lines were long but it was a good time. Especially frustrating was the long line to the Cliffhanger (not to mention the 30 minute wait outside the park to get in), a 50 foot or so drop straight down, because after a 20 minute wait the ride was over in about 2 seconds. Oh well, fun is always as fleeting as Jessica Simpson's acting career.

If I may be shallow for a minute, and I will since this is my blog, I do feel better about my little potbelly after a day at the waterpark. My wife keeps telling me it's not that bad but then again she also says she wouldn't do Brad Pitt. I just can't trust someone who's judgment is that misaligned.

Maybe I'm just getting desensitizing to the cottage cheese legs and bellies jiggling around like Santa after an all-you-can-eat buffet a week before Christmas Eve. And the men were almost as bad. One good thing about being that fat is that you really build up momentum on those slides! I just couldn't beat them; I had to race a borderline anorexic girl on the Cliffhanger to get some self esteem back.

I took this shot the other day mid afternoon and it has been the same scene for 2 days now in a row. I'll never get tired of looking off my lanai at this.

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