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February 28, 2006

Alito and Anna

The story is as old as time itself- A rich old geezer gets some titties thrown in his face, falls in love and bestows his fortune to his bimbo. The gilted family is pissed off and wants their money. The dispute is brought to a court of law.

Anna Nicole Smith had a hearing in front of the Supreme Court today. She was previously awarded over $480 million by a CA court but that ruling was contested by the son of oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall who claims, among other things, that Smith altered her husband's living will.

I hope that newly elected Justice Alito, who did not ask any questions during the hearing, did not pop his Supreme Court cherry on this frivolous lawsuit. Although Anna Nicole Smith is a no-talent assclown with reprehensible morals, she was willing to give a knobber to that old geezer when nobody else would. She deserves something for her short-but-sweet marriage if the claims against her are false.

1 comment:

  1. You getting soft in your old age? While I agree that she totally deserves to be compensated, I'm surprised to hear you say you think she deserves it (though, following your knobber logic, I guess I CAN understand why you think she does).