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February 22, 2006

WoW- Gaming Gays

Not too long ago I abandoned my Star Wars online game and joined up with some friends to play World of Warcraft (WoW). A feature of the game is 'guilding' which involves people joining guilds of like-minded people for support and conversation during gameplay.

I was surprised to see that Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of WoW, almost banned a person who was recruiting for her gay-friendly guild.

Gay-friendly teams already exist in Warcraft, but the issue here stemmed from Blizzard's enforcement of its policy banning the harassment of players based on sexual, religious or political affiliation.

The rebuttal of the player was that she had recruited many times in the past with no repercussions. I think just because she got away with it is no excuse to keep doing it. This principle goes for the people who recruit in the game for political or other affiliations. It is a shame that I can't even play a game online to get away form the bullshit in real life for a while without running into more of the same bullshit.

I never saw any of this recruitment since it wasn't on the server I play. My only gripe would that it would clutter the channel with constant chatter, making it difficult to read more pertinent stuff since the chat log scrolls up pretty fast.

Blizzard decided not to cancel her account but instead create a separate recruiting channel for people to use. They also said they would give their employees who monitor the channels "provide sensitivity training to the employees who monitor the online play and communications forums."

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