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February 15, 2006

Trolling in the funniest way

While purusing one of my favorites I came across this post by a die-hard liberal who's sole intent was to stir up shit in oversensitive conservatives. Instead of just ignoring this guy and leaving the issue alone, the thread has now enveloped 40 pages.

Here are some highlights to Ahhwaa's post "Bush- The Wet Fart President":

As the nation remembers Nixon as a corrupt and disgraced President, it should also be recognized that unless Bush makes some serious changes, he will be best remembered as the President who let a wet fart soil his underpants in front of a classroom of children during our nation's gravest hour

all I'm saying is that Bush will be remembered as the President who crapped his pants (remeber, he also shat creamy diarrhea during the first Kerry debate)

Hey if you guys think the best a President can do is wet fart in his pants in a classroom...more power to you

Revisionist history doesn't really work, because we've all seen the tape. He sat there like a retarded stump, without any idea what to do, with a creamy slide of diarrhea in his underwear.

Soon after, he made sure that bin Laden family members were allowed to leave the country secretly and safely, while Americans were grounded from flight

Eventually, he used the event to wage a war with no end against a nation that had not attacked America and posed no threat to do so.

So, yes, we can expect more from a President than a mushy seat of bowel cream

And on it goes for 40 pages. I laughed hysterically at this thread but it really riled some people up who just couldn't see that this guy was getting exactly what he'd hoped for.


  1. Protest Warrior <3s Ahhwaa!

  2. It can be a Cirque de Crapola sometimes but they do make for an entertaining time waster.

  3. I just found this after Googling "ahhwaa". I appreciate the nice remarks about my work.

    I really miss Protest Warrior since being banned for owning the evil Carla.

    I am currently owing over at Sweet Jesus I Hate Fox News

  4. Well, it's nice to see my work shows up on some sort of a credible search engine.

    Good luck at SJIHFN.