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February 15, 2006

Anti-War Protestors Kiss My Ass

To all the people who used the "Bush lied about the WMD's" argument to bolster their sentiment against the war in Iraq I submit this article with some quotes from Saddam himself. The most damning, and pay careful attention to the grammar, is this statement from the former despotic asshole's son-in-law:

"We did not reveal all that we have," he said. "We did not reveal the volume of chemical weapons we had produced."
- Hussein Kamel, a son-in-law of Saddam's, who was then in charge of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction efforts

There is just so much more that I would like to say and I'm sure the liberals and democrats will put their spin on this new information and fall back on the dead-horse argument that we still haven't found any WMD's.

I have posted pictures of a MIG-23 buried in the Iraq desert to prove that it is possible for Saddam to have lied (oh my gosh) to the U.N. about what he actually had. I used many articles to show that there was probable cause for us to believe that he had WMD's. I linked to articles showing past infractions of Saddam against U.N. inspectors and requests to get rid of his WMD's. But people still had the blinders on and followed the piper whistling the tired tune of a false war.

Perhaps, just perhaps, words straight form the horses ass will shed some light on the Iraq war and why we went. I am not relieving this administration of their embarrassing exit strategy- "Bomb the fuck out of them and give them Democracy" - but maybe a few people can sleep better at night knowing that we at least went to war for at least some of the right reasons.

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