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May 1, 2006

eFax Customer Service chat

eFax was dodging my request to cancel my account for weeks and I finally had to log on and have a chat session with a representative. I think this person is a used car salesman on the side.

Welcome to chat.
The session has been accepted.

{Megan F.} Hello, Greg. Welcome to j2 Global online support. I am Megan, your online live Support Representative. How may I assist you?

{TK} Evidently my request to cancel my account 2 months ago has not been processed. looking back at some emails it appears that my spam filter grabbed the email that said i need to contact you to cancel my account

{Megan F.} I'm sorry to hear that you wish to cancel. Could you please provide me your Fax number and PIN for verification purposes?

{TK} yes, hang on I have to look at the email you sent with that info.
{TK} 1-808-867-5309 0909 (changed to protect the innocent)
{TK} It was a great service; I just don’t need it anymore. My job has changed and i no longer require your service

{Megan F.} Thank you for the information. Please give me a moment while I quickly check your account.

{Megan F.} In the current situation as a special consideration, we will waive off the monthly fee for two months. You can use the fax service with no monthly fee for the next two billing cycles. Please feel free to contact us at any time. This way you will be able to keep your local fax number, which will enable you to send and receive any pending faxes with your number.

{Megan F.} Your eFax account will be credited with $25.90 so that you may utilize our services without being billed our monthly fee for the next two billing cycles.

{Megan F.} Since you will not be charged any monthly fee for the next two months you may keep the account till then. If at all you find that you need our services during this period, then you will still have the account. If however, you still feel that you do not have any use for our services by the end of the two months credit period, then you can always contact us back anytime.

{TK} Thanks, but I don't need a fax service. Just cancel my account.

{Megan F.} I do understand that you are not using the service much. I suggest you to use the service for another 2 months as you will not be charged any monthly fee for this period.

{Megan F.} As a good will gesture to continue our association we will offer you an additional gift balance of $10.00 along with the monthly credit which will enable to send up to 100 additional fax pages free of cost. It could indeed be very helpful to keep the account during this period to see if the need ever arises for our services. If so, you will still have the account.

{TK} Stop reading from your customer service book and just cancel my account

{Megan F.} Okay. I will cancel your account immediately.

{Megan F.} I'm sorry that you are leaving eFax. At eFax, we are continuously improving our products and services. Please do consider us if your faxing needs should change in the future.

{Megan F.} Is there anything else, I can assist you with?

{TK} no, there isn't. have a nice day.


  1. What's funny is that i can actualy see the look on your face as this is happening.

  2. That was brilliant! "Stop reading from your customer service book and just cancel my account" A thing of beauty!

  3. It was absolutely maddening. Had I actually been talking to this person, and not had the benefit of the time domain filter from using chat, I would have said something a little more brash consistent with my Navy roots.

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  5. Thanks for the intrusive ad, James, but what part of "I don't need a fax service" don't you understand?

    When will you douchebags realize that spamming ads is not an effective way to get people to buy your shit?

  6. I took the liberty of flagging all of that guy's blogs so we won't have to deal with him for long. I also left some profane comments, but I doubt he'll read them.

    Oddly enough, he even spammed his own blog's comment threads.

  7. It just goes to sh ow you t hat he doesn't care who he spams, including himself, in the hopes that just one perosn will subscribe to his service.