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May 9, 2006

My last word: Illigal Immigration

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, formulating a both response and an opinion on the whole subject. I will now make a blog entry to emblazon my point of view onto the annuls of Internet commentary.

I realized that the whole ‘illegal immigrants marching for their right to be citizens’ movement had a similar parallel to someone breaking into my house then demanding that I put them on the lease. Moreover, I feel insulted that they would take advantage of our American hospitality and track dog shit through our house by demanding, not asking, that they be made citizens of this country solely on a proxy of living here illegally in the first place.

After watching and reading about the movement of illegal, who comprise more than just our neighbors to the south, I became morally miffed when they started to liken their cause to the late Martin Luther King. Forgive me if I do not see a parallel between a man trying to give U.S. citizens what is due them based on the Declaration of Independence they grew up under and border jumpers who demand equal rights to our nation’s resources because they illegally work, live and consume benefits in our country.

There is also no figurehead for the illegals to rally under. The blacks had Dr. King and Bill Clinton, the gays have Rosie O’Donnel and Dick Cheney’s daughter, the Alliance had Luke Skywalker and his sister Lea; hell, even the environmentalist crackpots have Al Gore. The horde of Green-Card Challenged individuals have no figurehead and no one to bring them together, at least not on the scale MLK did.

Why is it so important for a movement to have a leader that is recognized? The leader provides goals or at least the representation of the party’s interests. For that matter, what are the goals of the illegals? Will the U.S. submission to their demands: 1) Give us a Green Card, 2) Stop keeping us from illegally entering this country, and 3) Stop taking advantage of our status to further your company profits – stand as a precedent for more of their family members to jump the fence and claim immunity to our immigration laws or is this a one-time deal for the ones already here?

What would your attitude be if you found a bum living in the backseat your car and demanded that he be allowed to stay there because he does the job you don’t like to do, ie. clean your windshield with a dirty newspaper and scrape the bugs off the grill. The analogy is no different when compared to the illegal immigration issues.

The tiresome bleating from pro Illegal immigration supporters shows a level of Lilliputionist thinking rivaled only by the cads who think we invaded Iraq for the oil.

“We were all illegal immigrants at one time”, they say. “Native Americans are the only ones who aren’t really immigrants”, they purport.

I don’t remember reading the Indian’s illegal immigration manifesto. The many cultures and nations that founded this country, and eventually kick the Indians asses, setup strict immigration rules, after they kicked Great Britain’s ass and became the United States of America, and everyone after that who wanted to come here must do so by our laws and regulations. Period.

If you do not follow established laws you are breaking those laws and in legal terms that person is considered a criminal. Why do people give a politically correct gasp when calling illegal immigration violators criminals? They are the same hypersensitive people who also think most people should not be held accountable for their actions, that there is always someone else to blame for the misfortune or direct actions of others.

To both examples, I tell these people to go shit in a hat. By all means, bring your poor, your tired, your hungry, your oppressed. Just get your fucking papers in order so that the government can keep track of you. Why should illegals be exempt from the impending brain chip the government will install to keep track of us?

I will comply...
I will comply...

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