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May 18, 2006

Not that it makes any difference but the Senate voted 63-34 in favor of making English the national language. This is probably going to ruffle the feathers of the pro-illegal immigration who say that people who live here don't need to learn English because "It's not actually our official language- nyaaaaaaaah!"

So now people can't use that as a talking point. Big whoop- the English only amendment is tacked onto the immigration bill and that thing has to be voted on.

If it does pass, 'English only' will be used as ammo for intolerant assholes who will point their finger and say "Learn English or get the hell outta here!" I'm not onboard with kicking item out because they can't speak English but if your doing business with me you need to be able to speak my language.

I'm sure Francis Scott Key will now rest in piece knowing his arrangement might soon be the officially correct language.

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