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May 5, 2006

Moussaoui is a tool

This convicted Al-Qaeda member, tried as the lone gunman on the grassy knoll for the September 11 attacks, will be rotting in an isolated prison for the rest of his life. Denyed martyrdom, this Frenchman of Moroccan desent is nothing more than an ambulance chaser- a loser that wanted some attention to make up for his stupidity and failure as a terrorist, a solo act of the Three Stooges.

He came into this country legally on an approved visa, something more people coming in to this country should take note of, but because the dumbass let his visa expire he was arrested and jailed before the September 11 attacks.

The FBI started to dig a little deeper on this retard after the attacks and basically came up with the idea that since Moussaoui had bought knives, been to flight school and attended Al-Qaeda training camps that he must be a failed hijacker who didn't complete his mission on that fateful day.

The FBI maintains that had Moussaoui told them the truth of his intentions that perhaps just one flight hijacking could have been prevented, although the FBI doesn't know which one.

Moussaoui wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to associate himself with AQ and pledge his allegance to every despotic and/or crazed asshole that the media was covering (and that we were bombing) in hopes of becoming a martyr since he couldn't cut it on his own accord by his own actions. Guilt by association was his mantra.

He jumped up and yelled out, "I'm guilty!" at his July 2002 hearing. Apparently, that was all it took for the prosecution and the American public to condemn this jackass with the death penalty.

Fortunately, Mistress Justice prevailed and, although it was a long road spanning 4 years, Moussaoui got what he deserved- life imprisonment for being a stupid asshole. He did not conspire to commit the acts on 9/11 as evidenced by testimony from AQ leaders themselves!

AQ tried to put as much distance between Moussaoui and their organization as they could. Evidently they think Moussaoui is a tool also, "crazed in the head" to be speicific, as does the Britain shoe bomber who Moussaoui claimed he knew but later was found to be another bullshit claim.

Additionally, his piloting skills were so bad that it is discredited that he could have even hit the broad side of a hangar with a fuel-laden 747 while parked inside the damn thing, nevermind flying a hundred miles or so and crashing into the Twin Towers.

It is now widely believed that he was trianing for some mission, just not 9/11.

So what now...

Lefties rejoice at the newfound faith in our justice system, Righties weep with the victims of 9/11 because Moussaoui is not getting an I.V. of Clorox through his veins, and the rest of us look on as we did at the end of the O.J. and Michael Jackson trials- befuddled and frightened that another retard has split the American people into sides.

The cartoon shows a bleak foreshadowing of the rest of Moussaoui's life. He will end up like Mansen, left to rot in his hole but remembered as a lunatic whose actions stressed not only our legal system but also America's belief system.


  1. Yup, you summed up Moussaoui's story quite well. He's one bigtime loser.

    I would only quibble with your "lefty"/"rightie" comment, and just a little bit. I think the people that are upset he's not being executed are the ones that haven't been paying attention to the case like you have; they don't realize there is really no evidence linking him to the 9/11 plot other than his insupportable boasts. I'm not sure they are "righties" so much as just typical Americans who think they know everything because they saw a 30 second news spot on MSNBC. The hardcore "lefties" are happy because they hate the President and so anytime any of his efforts fails -- like this one -- it's a good thing. But those of us in that small minority called the People Who Are Paying Attention are just relieved that a horrible man has been removed from society, permanently, and that we didn't just whack him out of 9/11 rage but actually bothered to investigate the evidence and render a proper verdict.

  2. Bravo, of course my left/right was a jab at the far ends of each ideology.

    There was a news flash about him today on Fox, as a matter of fact, and he now whants to change his guilty verdict to not guilty.

    So because we didn't buy his cackmammy bullshit story and wasn't put to death, he now wants to retract his plea so that he can move to a different cell instead of rotting away in solitary for the rest of his miserable life?

    Sorry, jackass. The message was clear- you can dream about killing Americans all day long, but until you actually do it start coming up with some fun ways to play solitaire.